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CIRCULAR and PROFORMA of H Ward science exhibition 2018-19 - 03 November 2018
SAHASHALEYA UPAKRAM - 2018 - 19 - 10 September 2018
Sahashaleya Upkram Timetable 2018-2019 - 10 September 2018
Hward Photo Gallery 2017-18 - 01 January 2018
BEST SCHOOL [POINT TALLY] - 14 December 2017
Prize Distribution List-2017-2018 - 14 December 2017
SAH SHALEYA UPKRAM 2017-2018 - 11 November 2017
SCIENCE EXHIBITION MINUTES 2017-18 - 11 November 2017

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Mrs. Pratibha Salian

Mrs. Pratibha Salian, a great name in the field of education especially H-Ward, her great work reflects her personality. A very down-to-earth person, she is reachable to one and all.

A very dynamic lady who knows her work, as quick as a judge in decision-making and who never delays her work. Whenever given an opportunity she conducts seminars whole-heartedly. A lady with a great smile, affectionate and loving nature. Many people are attracted to her persona.

Mrs. Pratibha Salian is a great administrator and a link between schools. She is the backbone of H-Ward Gallery where the schools showcase their activities.

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